The sky is overcast with the sun poking out every once in a while for a minute or two. There is a light breeze and the temperatures are only slightly cooler than perfect. I spent the morning taking my children on a field trip. It cost almost nothing, the destination enriched our minds, and it was a relaxed go-at-your-own-pace kind of place. We were gone the perfect amount of time. And I feel just exhausted enough.

I’ve spent some time enriching my spirit and dwelling, even momentarily, in God’s word. I am learning about gospel teaching and I feel so full. Words about teaching with the Spirit of the Lord give me joy and make me want to shout out to the world everything I know to be true. I want to teach others about those things which I feel passionate. I want to encourage others to read their scriptures and pray, to be intentional with their time and to put the Lord first.

I have dishes to put away and bathrooms to scrub. I have things to organize and things to remember. Dinner won’t make itself. I could easily let myself feel the weight of those things, but I don’t.

I feel content. Life is good. I am so blessed. If only I could savor this moment and hold onto it with tight fists.

I am content.


wind in my ears

I took the kids on a bike ride to a park with a little stream and some rocks to climb on last Friday. It’s about a 20 minute bike ride but it took us 30 minutes to get there. It’s a gradual up hill climb all the way there and little Boo really needs a bigger bike. She had to stop for drinks and to push her bike uphill a few times. Bean was in the lead flying in front of us and then waiting for us to catch up every once in a while.

We got to the park finally and climbed the rocks. Bean had to go potty. So she got a lesson on going pee in the woods. An essential skill for any girl if you ask me. We climbed some more. Then I let the kids take their shoes off and wade in the stream. Bubba didn’t want to take his shoes off so he stayed out of the cold water. But he threw mud in like he was making some kind of potion. The girls got quite a kick out of having free reign in the water with bare feet.

After a while we got out and dried our feet in the grass. We got distracted by the sprinklers that had turned on while we were playing. But eventually I hearded the monkeys back onto the bikes, looking forward to the downhill portion of the trip.

Boo took a turn in the lead, much to Bean’s chagrin. Once we all caught up, Bean took over the lead. I forgot to tell her go go a slightly different way home. She was way ahead and I wanted to be sure that she avoided the last steep uphill climb up to our street. I told Boo to keep going and catch up with us while I pedaled as fast as I could to catch up to Bean. It took me quite a while.

I finally almost caught up with her and began yelling for her. But we were going against the wind and the sound of the rushing air in our ears made it difficult for Bean to hear my yells. Finally she heard me and stopped.

It occurred to me that there is a gospel parallel in this story. Just as we were going against the wind, many people choose to go against the Lord’s commandments. And just as Nina couldn’t hear my cries, it is difficult for us to hear the Spirit when we are not choosing the right. The Spirit is a still small voice and rarely increases his volume to catch our attention. We must put ourselves where the Spirit will be able to communicate to us. May we strive to do so.

modern day revelation

General Conference weekend is always a lovely time. Beforehand I sometimes feel like it steals my time for things that I would normally otherwise be accomplishing. It takes up two. whole. days. But afterwards, I am always so happy I was able to partake of its goodness. And I remember that it is no small thing to sacrifice my time for the Lord.

And I wonder if it is coincidence or miracle that General Conference falls during Easter time? It is always such a poignant reminder of our Savior and his sacrifice for mankind. I kinda like being brought to tears by the tender voices of our living prophets who speak with such conviction that there is no doubt of their testimonies of the Atonement.

I liked Elder Robbins’ talk on being and doing. Such great counsel on parenting that I hope to implement into my life in the coming months and years. I thought Elder Holland’s talk was a great way to end the conference, with such a tender tribute to President Monson. So many wonderful words; I will definitely have to listen to and read them over and over again.