modern day revelation

General Conference weekend is always a lovely time. Beforehand I sometimes feel like it steals my time for things that I would normally otherwise be accomplishing. It takes up two. whole. days. But afterwards, I am always so happy I was able to partake of its goodness. And I remember that it is no small thing to sacrifice my time for the Lord.

And I wonder if it is coincidence or miracle that General Conference falls during Easter time? It is always such a poignant reminder of our Savior and his sacrifice for mankind. I kinda like being brought to tears by the tender voices of our living prophets who speak with such conviction that there is no doubt of their testimonies of the Atonement.

I liked Elder Robbins’ talk on being and doing. Such great counsel on parenting that I hope to implement into my life in the coming months and years. I thought Elder Holland’s talk was a great way to end the conference, with such a tender tribute to President Monson. So many wonderful words; I will definitely have to listen to and read them over and over again.


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