A challenge for Very Busy Season

My family is about to enter a Very Busy Season, and it seems we are already in the thick of it from the pace of the blogging here, but I really do have all these thoughts swirling around in my head that I want to get down.

I am very much an introvert and a homebody, so entering these busy seasons makes me feel anxious if I let it. But I also realize that the years I have left with my kids are very fleeting. I realized earlier that my middle child will be TEN years old on her next birthday– that’s double digits!!! And my oldest will be THIRTEEN on her next birthday, a teenager in the house!!! My baby will turn eight in four months. Maybe it’s because he’s the baby or because he’s my only boy, but somehow that doesn’t seem so strange. But it is a milestone because he will be baptized a few weeks after his birthday. All of them will shortly be halfway to “adulthood.” At least if 18 is adulthood.

It is so very easy for me to only think about streamlining our days. Prep the food, buy the stuff ahead of time, leave early, and on and on. I have a really difficult time feeling the joy of things in the moment. It’s not until later on that I look back and say, “That was fun.” I am trying to be better at just enjoying the moments, being “fun” with the mundane things, overlooking the stuff that won’t matter in a day or a week or a month. It’s hard for me. I often feel like I am lost in the efficiency of trying to get through the day that I have forgotten the purpose of the day.

Realizing that my youngest is halfway to high school graduation in age makes me feel like I have lost so much time already. I am always so in my own head! I am challenging myself to look up and to look around. Slow down. Don’t worry about the messes. Be unproductive. Love more. Laugh more. Notice more. Savor. Remember.

Can you relate?